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Inspector Hector has a mystery to solve. It seems in recent times, healthy foods from the five food groups have disappeared without a trace. Not only have the vegetables vanished, but dairy has disappeared, meat is missing, fruit has flown off, and the cereals have been sequestered - Whatever that means?


And they’ve been replaced with a whole swag of ‘sometimes foods.’

And water - yes good old drinking water has also fallen off the shelf,

replaced with all manner of sweet sugary drinks. Can the Inspector

solve the mystery and bring back the veggies? With the help of some

super sleuths in the audience....he just might!


This performance uses mystery, magic, special effects and plenty of laughs to highlight the importance of eating a variety of different foods from all of the food groups. Key nutrients from each of the food groups are explained in simple terms, along with how they can help us to stay healthy and strong.


The different kinds of "Sometimes foods" are also discussed, including why we should only have them occasionally. There is also a strong emphasis on the importance of drinking water as our main drink, and why juices, soft drinks and other sweet drinks are not a good choices and again should only be used for an occasional treat.



Kept the students mesmerised and excited to

see what would come next!

Kay, Year 1 Teacher

Engaging and entertaining performance which

provided a clear message that children could

articulate after the show.

Natalie, Rec Teacher

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or phone

8353 0575 / 0407 816 059



School Show (Rec - Year 3) 45 min : $6 + GST per student

Min School show charge $600 + GST per show


Preschool / Kindergarten Show 45 min :  $390 + GST

Childcare Centre 45 min :  $430 + GST

OSHC Show 45 min

Under 30 children: $420 + GST

30-50 children: $460 + GST

50+ children: $500 + GST

Library / Community Centre 45 min :  From  $480 + GST


Travel Fees may apply for rural visits

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