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+ Forest Hills Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Horizon Elementary

+ Lake Forest Elementary

Excellent Show! Fun,

Informative and engaging

for the children.

Bridie, Kindy Director


A clever, slightly eccentric character,who educates in

a fun and engaging way.

Meredith, Teacher

Professor Planet will amaze everyone as his Revolutionary Recyclatron instantly recycles paper, glass, plastic, food scraps and more into wonderful new materials....If only he could get the thing started??


Through comedy, magic and special effects,

this show will help children become enthusiastic

recyclers who know which items can be recycled,

which bins to put them in, and what those items

can be recycled into. The important concepts of

Reduce and Reuse will also be addressed.


And to wrap up the show, Professor Planet will

hit "Disco Mode" on his Recyclatron, and everyone

will get down and boogie to the Recycle Rap. Ohh...Yeah...!


Recycling information will be tailored to your local council requirements.



School Show (Rec - Year 6) 45 min : $6 + GST per student

Min School show charge $600 + GST per show


Preschool / Kindergarten Show 45 min :  $390 + GST

Childcare Centre 45 min :  $430 + GST

OSHC Show 45 min

Under 30 children: $420 + GST

30-50 children: $460 + GST

50+ children: $500 + GST

Library / Community Centre 45 min :  From  $480 + GST

or phone

8353 0575 / 0407 816 059

Travel Fees may apply for rural visits

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