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Through exciting and entertaining live performance, Bright Spark Entertainment engages children in the wonder of science, and helps them appreciate that science is important in all aspects of life. From looking after our bodies, to caring for the environment, making giant soap bubbles or performing circus stunts, it is science that helps us to learn the best way to tackle each of these challenges. 


Graeme Denton founded Bright Spark Entertainment in 2008, and has been producing and performing his unique educational performances ever since.


With two science degress, plus experience as a primary teacher, dietitian, police officer and sustainability educator, Graeme has the knowledge to ensure the content of his shows is accurate and up to date. He is also able to pitch the performance appropriately, depending on the age of the children in the audience.


And his 18 years experience in children’s entertainment (as Wobbles the Clown) mean his shows are always highly engaging, fast paced, and packed full of fun.


In addition to the shows featured on this site, Graeme has also produced many educational performances for the South Australian Government. These include Healthy Lifestyle Shows for Health SA (OPAL Program) and the Wipe Out Waste Show for Zero Waste SA.  See Tailored Performances for more.


Graeme is passionate about science, looking after the environment, and the health of our children and families, but he also believes that regular fun and laughter are essential ingredients for well being. He feels especially privileged that his performance work allows his to combine all of these passions.


Bright Spark Entertainment Awards

Graeme Denton

B. Ed. Junior Primary & Primary

B. Ed. Nutrition & Dietetics

B. Ed. Exercise & Sports Science

Police Officer SA Police 1992-99 

Children's Entertainer & Educator






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